Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/16/2012 - Foxhunt Exercise

At 2:00 in the afternoon on December 16th the fox-hunters met at in the parking lot of Bass Pro Shop in Memphis for a Foxhunt/Direction finding exercise.

Participating in the hunt was:

  • AJ4GY
  • KK4NES - Blake got his ticket on 12-10-12 and this was his first hunt with us.
  • KK4LDM
  • KD4NOQ
  • AK4UE
  • KK4KDM
  • KK4IOH
  • KJ4GZB
  • KF5QGF

I had 2 new hunters riding along with me. Craig KF5QGF and Nathan KJ4GZB.

Position #1 was in the Bass Pro Parking lot

Our initial Bearing was 71 or 72 degrees.

Position #2 was in a parking lot at Whitten and Macon Road.

We got a bearing of 50-60 degrees from Position #2. At position one I had a feeling we were pointing right at Bellevue Baptist Church so based on the new bearing we headed there.

Position #3 was the SW corner of the Bellevue parking lot.

At Position #3 we knew we were very close in and felt the signal was strongest NNE of us. It was raining at this point a little so we jumped back in and headed to the NE corner of the parking lot pretty quickly. I think we may have got some reflection off the building from this position.

Position #4 was the NE corner of the Bellevue parking lot.

The signal was very strong here also. Using body shielding and all the attenuation we had available we were able to get a new bearing of approximately 271 degrees.

Position #5 is the place that we parked and went on foot. We knew we were very close here. We started listening to the 3rd harmonic and shielding the radio with out an antenna on the fox frequency.

We started hearing the 3rd harmonic a few feet aware from what we first thought was the transmitter. This was actually just a sprinkler head. We kept walking west and found the transmitter hidden behind an electrical panel.

As you see on top of the fox was a note to now look for a second lower powered transmitter that was transmitting on 146.565. We quickly found it just west and up a hill under the giant crosses.

On the 2nd transmitter there was yet another note to tune to a 3rd frequency and look for another transmitter.

This one was a very low powered transmitter and you could only receive it a few feet away.  It was found tucked in a whole in the tree below.

This was the 3rd Fox Transmitter.

Jeff read a note to the group that Dwayne prepared regarding the recent shooting in Connecticut.

Direction finding makes you hungry. At Lenny's we discussed the hunt and talked about future hunts next spring.

Thanks to N5XUL / Dwayne for putting the hunt together. I think we all can't wait for spring so we can do this again.

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