Sunday, April 7, 2013

04/07/2013 - Tri-State 145.450/146.940 Link Project

On 4-7-2013 the Tri-State 145.450 repeater located in Downtown Memphis was linked to the 146.940 repeater located in Oakland TN. This video shows connection of the repeater and link radio at the 145.450 site. Combined the 2 repeaters cover all or parts of 8 counties in Ark, TN, and MS. Stacey KJ4MDA was the first station to make a contact via the link. Thanks to Ervin KU4K, Tony WA4HKN, Randy WB4LHD, Danny KF4FXZ, Jeff AJ4GY, Mike KK4MCL, and Joe WA4OVO.

It's always nice high above Downtown Memphis

A special thanks to Mike / KK4MCL for making this video!

This half of the link system enjoys great coverage from East Memphis into Eastern Arkansas.

We have P-P-P-P-P-POWER

Here is the one end of the link shown with some filtering for the receive side.

On 03/02/2013 - Ervin / KU4K, Randy / WB4LHD, and myself set up and did some testing on the Downtown end of the link.